Be ready to be sucessfull

Prepare yourself for success since you start your day and with all the steps you take. If you want to acquire success in any area of your life, you have to determine your goals and do all you can to obtain the means for your end. We can trust in the Universe to bring us what we desire, but also is necessary a sense of action in the direction you want your life to be. Start always your day well motivated, be grateful, take care of your image and repeat your goal phrases as long you need till you feel it and visualize as you already have it, feel the happiness. Study and read books about your goal, be prepared to succeed and tell yourself that you deserve it, is your birthright to have it. An example if you want to be a millionaire, dress as if you already are, go to places that are fancy and rich people go, read books and watch movies that show you how to be a millionaire, in other words, live rich and bread rich life till be yours. Do not take this to the level that you gonna spend all you do not have to pretend that you are a millionaire, you can go at a 5 stars hotel and site down in a bar and have a cofee, and still embracing the fancy environment, hope you understand what I meant. Now understand that until you are ready to be ready, to achieve your goals, you can wait to manifest it and nothing is gonna happen because is no action on motion, if you feel thirsty, you have to ask or make the move to pick the water, that still gonna be easy to get, but you have to do it. Is the same with your desires, you do not know how the Universe is gonna bring it to you and you do not need to think about it, 90% of the time is gonna be from the ways that you could not imagine as possible, but is your ” job”, to make the Universe understand the energy field of what you want in life. I start watching videos of money, really awesome, after 30 minutes I was feeling fantastic and someone comes to me and give me money for no reason. True story things happen but we have to make the move, now tell me, are you ready to be successful?



Maria Furtado

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